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Diwash 碗然一新

Diwash provides the local catering industry with comprehensive dishware cleaning services.

領先理念    優勢資源

Inventive Idea with Resource Management Advantage


Our Centralised Dish-washing System enhances cost-effectiveness and lowers energy consumption by an integrated approach in resource management. Streamlined management ensures service quality and hence provides customers a practical solution in business operation.

專業團隊    信心承諾

Professional Team Serving with Experience and Excellence


Our team, possessing years of experience in the industry, cares for the needs and opinions of each customer. We make every effort to provide services of quality, efficiency and perfection.

大型設備    先進操作

Innovative Technology and Facilities


Equipped with the latest fully-automated facilities, the system embodies multiple functions from soaking, washing to high-temperature sterilization etc, offering the industry with enhanced standard, safety and reliability.

流程管理    品質保證

Supervised System Assures Quality


From cleansing to sterilization; from packaging to transportation, every procedure throughout the operation is stringently supervised.

服務業界    回饋社會

Industry Innovation: a Win-Win Solution


Shortage of labour in dishwashing positions has long been one of the major challenges facing the catering industry. The inventive system supports the industry as an alternative for dishware cleansing and, at the same time, offers restaurant owners and entrepreneurs an innovative solution to effortlessly tackle business challenges.

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