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Centralized Dish-washing System


Before proceeding to the cleaning process, utensils are sorted according to types and materials so as to ensure a complete and effective wash.

預先分類    針對清洗

Well-planned Steps for Effective Cleansing

浸泡清潔    專業處埋

Special Method for Dishware Washing


Unique oil removal process to ensure grease and residue on utensils and dishwares are thoroughly cleansed.

全自動機械    高溫消毒清洗

Automatic Machines paired with UHT Sterilization


Extensive and fully automated dish-washing facilities support various functions including stain removal, thorough cleaning, sterilization and drying. The system is definitely a smart alternative of enhanced efficiency, safety, hygiene and sustainability which manual washing can never compare.

雙層包裝    衞生整潔

Double Packaging Ensures Hygiene


In pursuit of the highest level of cleanliness, dishwares are well sorted and orderly stored. Nevertheless, washed dishwares are kept in sterilized plastic containers wrapped in two layers of disposable plastic. This ensures that dishwares are free from contamination during the course of transportation.

快捷運輸    專業物流    年中無休

Logistics Services All-Year-Round


Our dedicated logistics team provides daily door-to-door collection and delivery. Fast and convenient service available all-year-round!

學校 Schools

飲食業 Catering Industry 

其他 Others 

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