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Providing one-stop dishware cleaning services, Diwash works hand-in-hand with schools and lunch suppliers to put Green Lunch Charter into action.



1. 人手清洗+機械消毒  加倍衛生
Additional Steps to attain High Level of Hygiene


Containers and cutlery are manually prewashed and soaked before the next cleansing process. Strict quality control takes place after dishwares are sterilized by the latest fully-automated facilities. The complete process implies enhanced hygiene and safety which neither manual washing nor household dishwashers could ever compare.

2. 有效減少廢物  實踐環保午膳

Putting Green Lunch Charter into Practice


With our ‘Centralized Dish-washing System’, all food containers and cutlery are reusable. This not only offers schools and lunch suppliers a solution to dish-washing, but also effectively reduces the use of disposable containers and waste, hence, creating a better and greener environment.

3. 無需添置設備  管理零負擔
Saving Costs for Facilities and Manpower


Diswash helps schools and lunch suppliers to eliminate costs in purchasing dishwashers and machines alike. They no longer have to deal with ordinary machine-related issues like maintenance and management. Manpower in operating machines could also be saved.

4. 每日上門收取  方便穩妥
Reliable and Convenient


Our dedicated logistics team provides daily door-to-door collection and delivery. Wrapped in double layers, all utensils are orderly packed and stored. This prevents any containers and cutlery from contamination during the course of transportation.


5. 提供餐具  慳位又便利
Supply of Cutlery increases flexibility


Reusable cutleries are provided upon request. Quantity can be flexibly set according to number of students. Fits for both on-site meal portioning and pre-packed lunchboxes, our service enables schools and lunch suppliers to stay carefree with purchase and storage of utensils.

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