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清潔劑產品系列   Chemical


洗碗碟機專用清潔劑 DW-1

DW-1 Dishmachine Detergent

強力鹼性洗碗機專用洗滌劑,採用無磷配方,獨特配方能產生理想的懸浮力及乳化力, 令污垢、油脂迅速從餐具上脫落,更配有高質濕潤劑,只需少量用水便可沖走殘餘的鹼性。

DW-1 Dishmachine Detergent is an alkali base detergent for machine ware washing. It is a Chlorinated clear liquid and carries out one pass washing & destaining result for all sorts of wares.



洗碗碟機專用快乾劑 DW-2

DW-2 Dishmachine Rinse Additive



DW-2 Dishmachine Rinse Additive

is a concentrated rinse additive for dishwashing machine which is built up by special blend of surfactants.It is suitable for all water types and effective to use on porcelain, plastic, stainless steel and non-hit absorbed materials. The product can speed up drying and give streak and spot-free result.



餐具手洗液 P&P

P & P Pot & Pan Detergent



P & P Pot & Pan Detergent is specially formulated for manual dishwashing, it's a high concentrated neutral liquid detergent and dose not irritate to skin. The product can cut through grease and dried-on food and makes rinsing easy and streak free.


全能濃縮清潔劑 AP

AP All Purpose Degreaser



AP All Purpose Degreaser is a high concentrated alkaline cleaner. It contains special blend of solvents and it’s safe to use on all sort of materials. The product is particularly effective to remove industrial greases, animal fats and vegetable oils.



強力爐灶除油劑 OC

OC Oven Cleaner




OC Oven Cleaner is a heavy duty degreaser which contains special blend of solvent& surfactants. Its specially effective to use on oily, greasy,cooking stove and even carbonized grease.




氧漂浸漬粉 OX-P

OX-P Oxygenic Stain Remover



OX-P Oxygenic Stain Remover is oxygen bleach destainer which can be used for presoaking tablewares, The special ingredient makes it easily penetrate & remove coffe/tea stain. It also can be used for baked-on and stubborn stain on tablewares. The product is an non corrosive bleaching agent which is safe to use on all sort of materials.





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